Reflections on my Passion Project

Well, I didn’t end up posting about my passion project as much as I had hoped this term, but I plan to continue experimenting and learning about different DIY projects. This semester, I expanded on my felting abilities and made some natural cosmetic products out of coconut oil and beeswax. As December isn’t quite over yet, I’m hoping to put some of my new skills to use for some last-minute Christmas gifts.

I learned a few key things from this project:

  1. Sharing your work publicly is the best way to get direct, enthusiastic feedback from a variety of voices.
  2. WordPress is an easy-to-use site that I could see implementing in my own classroom for reflection pieces.
  3. If I were to repeat this process, I would need to self-impose some deadlines for blog posts. Because I’m so used to a system of due dates, I personally struggled with keeping myself accountable in an open model.
  4. When a project is on something you enjoy doing, the “homework” doesn’t feel like work. Also, I naturally started thinking about ways that I want to learn and grow for this project, rather than simply being told what I “should” do next.

I would love to try out a “passion project” model in my own English classroom one day. Blogging already reaches a few competencies (writing skills, digital literacy, reflection, etc), so having students reflect on something they enjoy doing could be a really effective, fun way to encourage students to acquire those skills.


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