A Unit Plan for Teaching a Text with Varied Technology

Example text: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald (1925)

NOTE: This example unit assumes that students have completed reading The Great Gatsby prior to Class 1. Technology-based activities are highlighted in bold font.



1 Discuss characters in TGG. Students create Facebook profile pages for character of choice: Nick, Jay, Daisy (or other). -“Think critically, creatively, and reflectively to explore ideas within, between, and beyond texts”


2 Discussion of 1920s economics: Old money vs. new money, effects of WWI, changes in technology & psychology, experimental writing. Where do we see these themes in the text? -“Recognize and identify the role of personal, social, and cultural contexts, values, and perspectives in texts”

-“forms, functions, and genres of texts”

3 Viewing of Luhrmann’s 2013 film. Give students handout with guiding questions. -“Recognize and appreciate how various forms, structures, and features of texts reflect a variety of purposes, audiences, and message”

-“elements of visual/ graphic texts”

4 Finish movie. Discussion: How is the film different from the text? How is it the same? What is the director’s thesis statement about TGG? -“Synthesize ideas from a variety of texts/sources”
5 Theme song activity. Hand out lyrics of Lana Del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful” from film. Students consider how the meaning of the song differs from or is the same as the original text. Group Work Activity: what theme song would you choose for TGG? Why? -“Synthesize ideas from a variety of texts/sources”

-“forms, functions, and genres of texts”


6 In computer lab, students generate word clouds in Voyant. Teacher models with lyrics from song last day; students input TGG. Free time to experiment with Voyant functions. -“Apply appropriate strategies in a variety of contexts to comprehend written, oral, visual, and multimodal texts; guide inquiry; and extend thinking”

-“reading strategies”

7 In computer lab, students play The Great Gatsby Game for NES. Handout with guiding questions. What aspects of TGG does this game emphasize? If you made a game for TGG, what would it look like? -“Recognize an increasing range of text structures and how they contribute to meaning” -“Transform ideas and information to create original texts, using new or unfamiliar genres forms, structures, and styles”

-“elements of visual/ graphic texts”


8 Free time for working on projects (short paper on one of the activities from this unit). -“Express and support an opinion with credible evidence”




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