Operation Passion Project

For one of my classes this term, a major assignment is to create a Passion Project (i.e. to learn about and do something you feel passionately about) and record your progress. Initially, I struggled with coming up with a project. During my M.A., I let a lot of my hobbies fall away, to the point that if someone were to ask me what I do for fun, the best I could say was “hanging out with my dog.” So, when confronted with this project, I asked myself, “If I could have more time to do something I enjoy, what would that something be?” After some thought, I decided that I would like to make more things. My Passion Project is to embark on a DIY adventure. I hope to learn some new skills and find some DIY resources that I can continually return to in the future. I also hope to form the habit of taking time for activities I enjoy, prioritizing my mental health as I do so.

So, what will I make? I have a few ideas, but I don’t intend to make a checklist. I’d prefer to embrace this project in a more spontaneous way, as spontaneity is itself a challenge for me (being someone who feels much more comfortable with a plan). I simply aim to make things. To allow myself to feel inspiration and pursue it.

I identify wholeheartedly as a materialist. I appreciate the current trend of minimalism, but I know I could never embrace it. I LOVE material objects. I especially love them if they are one of four things: they are innovative or unique, they have sentimental value, they exist purely for aesthetic pleasure, or they are handmade made with love. When I can produce such objects, I feel great satisfaction. I also enjoy challenging myself to learn in new ways. Most of the talents I’ve cultivated are academic, so other areas may be wanting. What I lack in skill, though, I (sometimes) make up for in stubbornness. Here’s hoping, anyway.

I will post my projects and progress under the “Passion Project” heading of this blog for those who would like to follow my DIY journey or replicate any of the projects I create.



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