#EDCI336 Learning Goals

My relationship with technology is growing every day. This past June I attended the Digital Humanities Summer Institute at the University of Victoria, which opened my eyes to the many, many ways we can use technology to both support or display our work in any field, including Education. I was able to take two courses that supported my teaching subject, English literature, but unfortunately missed out on a course that dealt with incorporating technology into pedagogical practices.

In EDCI336 (Technology Innovation in Education) this term, I am hoping to learn about programs and tech-based activities that can enrich my secondary school classroom. As students are becoming increasingly literate in digital skills and tools, I feel that it is essential to keep on top of these new methods and to continually revise personal teaching strategies according to changing times. Further to discussing these methods, I am hoping to learn the research behind them and see some case studies for examples of how they might manifest in a classroom. I will be attending EdCamp Vic on October 15th and can’t wait to hear about topics like these from a wide variety of people.

In my own teaching, I have tried to use multimedia to supplement the core texts I am covering: songs, images, powerpoints, and video clips are all resources I regularly make use of. I have allowed students to use their cellphones and computers to engage with the material, and I have been videotaped in order to self-assess my own teaching. I have lesson plans in my mind about integrating Voyant and TEI into my assignments, among other digital tools. There is a whole world of technology out there that I haven’t yet seen, though, and I can’t wait to explore it.



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